Setup for development

The taskmodel gets build via http://maven.apache.org/download.html?. We suggest to use version 2.1.0+. The steps to build all taskmodel artifacts are:

  1. Install Maven 2 as described at their web page.
  2. Checkout the most current source code from http://github.com/smee/elatexam.
  3. Open a command line and change to the freshly obtained source code directory
  4. run: mvn install to build and install all taskmodel artifacts into your local maven repository
  5. run: mvn eclipse:eclipse to create eclipse projects for every subproject
  6. import these projects as 'Existing projects' into eclipse

If you want to deploy the taskmodel to a local tomcat, use the following call in step 4: mvn install -PdeployTomcat -Dtomcat.path=/path/to/local/tomcat.