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Excerpt from the detailed project description, written for the sourceforge project approval:

In late 2004, I developed an eTesting component for a department at Leipzig University, that replaced paper-based with computer-backed exams in two lectures with about 700 participants. It was based on one of my earlier projects, the so-called uebman. However, the project has reached conceptual and technical limitations that prevent it from handling a huge amount of lectures and from the broader adoption for eTesting.

I decided to start a new project, being based on portal technologies: "elatePortal".

Here are some key points of the elatePortal:

The elatePortal is currently in alpha stage, but already in use at the Department of Educational Sciences at Leipzig University:

Best regards, Thorsten Berger


The elatePortal is an enterprise portal that is based on the Apache Jetspeed-2 portal server. Besides the explanation given above there's some more information available at the "Tool Finder" (in german) of Leipzig University.

You can find an architectural overview at the architecture page (JSR-168, Spring, OJB etc.)

eTesting Framework

The eTesting Framework ("TaskModel") is the integral part of the elatePortal and the examServer. In particular, it's a container solution, where the so-called TaskletContainer manages the lifecycle of its Tasklets. The framework consists of:

Due to its design the framework is highly flexible and extensible and can be integrated theoretically into every J2EE application. The RI is made up of, like elatePortal's business logic, Spring components (POJOs) which allows an extensive configurability.


The elateXam exam server is a lightweight, stand-alone web application for leveraging real exams with high security requirements. Like the elatePortal, it integrates a customized version of the eTesting framework. The examServer is based on AppFuse.


Currently there are several editors in different development phases:


The ctEdit is our editor for managing question pools. Due to the very complex data scheme (modelled by XSD), we used a model-driven approach by the (commercial) JAXFront(R) technology. For using the editor, one has to aquire a license (either a community or commercial version) from the vendor of JAXFront(R), as described here. We do not (and may not) provide any lib. There is no download anymore. This editor is not maintained.

Eclipse RCP editor

See: Main.CtEdit This editor includes a preview function.

Web based editor

A wicket based editor, currently in alpha tests, is developed. For code and snapshots you can look at

Elques RCP editor

Another editor is developed by the german firm BPS GmbH. Please contact them for a copy.

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