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Main: ExamServer

Building the elateXam Server

runtime requirements

Setting up the environment

The following environment variables have to be set in the file /home/user/.profile (assuming you are running Linux)

export LANG=de_DE@euro.UTF-8

Download the sources

We use GIT to get a copy of the working directory:
- git clone


  1. Go to the directory where you downloaded the elateXam sources
  2. edit {tomcat-path}/conf/server.xml file
    1. at element server change attribute to an unused port e.g. 8006
    2. add attribute address="" to restrict unsecure access to localhost only. DO NOT remove this connector, this breaks the pdf bulk export feature...
    3. uncomment the SSL Connecter element
      set also to an unused port e.g. 8443
    4. add the following attributes to the connector element (be sure that is the SSL connector element)
      • scheme="https"
      • secure="true"
      • sslProtocol="TLS"
      • clientAuth="true"
      • truststoreFile="conf/server.truststore"
      • truststorePass="*******"
      • emptySessionPath="true"
      • useBodyEncodingForURI="false"
      • URIEncoding="UTF-8"

  3. add to {tomcat-path/bin/catalina.{bat|sh}}:
    • {set|export} -server
      -Xmx786m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

  4. make sure you have already recent copies of the taskmodel artifacts (taskmodel-core, taskmodel-api, taskmodel-core-view), if not:
    1. Checkout the taskmodel sources: git clone
    2. cd elatexam/taskmodel
    3. mvn install -PdeployTomcat -Dtomcat.path=/path/to/your/tomcat to deploy the view web application@@ to install all taskmodel artifacts
  5. Now we deploy the webapp examServer.
    Execute this command in the examServer source directory:
    -mvn install -PdeployTomcat -Dtomcat.path=/path/to/your/tomcat
    - startup tomcat via: # ~/tomcat/bin/

Running the Exam Server

Check if you fulfill following points


If you use images in the complex-task-definition than

Install new client certificats

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