Authoring Tool

The ComplexTaskEditor is an Eclipse-based authoring tool for creating item pools. Get it from here


  • check out eclipse plugin projects in /editor_projects/* from SVN
  • run "de.elateportal.taskmodel.complextaskeditor.editor" as an Eclipse Application

Tasklet Preview Feature

In order to show previews of the item pools being edited, the project "de.elateportal.taskmodel.complextaskeditor.taskpreview" is a web application running in an embedded Jetty instance.

More precisely, de.elateportal.taskmodel.complextaskeditor.taskpreview contains:

  • taskmodel-api.jar
  • taskmodel-core.jar, which has been customized with an alternative spring configuration that adapts some core components to fit previewing needs
  • taskmodel-core-view.jar

Fix me

Creating a new exam of type Komplex Aufgaben Definition has following problems:

  1. To edit e.g. the properties of element Komplex Aufgaben Definition we first have to save, close and reopen to be able to add some values to the properties.